Tok of the Tribe

Catching Up

Tok: I should be able to catch up with them fairly easily. I’ll continue on, still paying close attention to my surroundings, and let’s see how long it takes these warriors to notice they’re being followed.

GM: You stumble and slide down the side of the short cliff, spilling a sea of rocks ahead of you.

Skyterror and the group continue to march ahead. One elderly man looks back while marching, stumbles, and continues on. Skyterror raises a spear to the sky in greeting. “I’m sorry for your loss, Tok!” he yells while continuing to march. “We’ve all had losses and we will exact revenge and bring back our folk they captured! I assume you’ve come to help, so let’s go!”

Tok: “Thank you Skyterror, and I offer my condolences to the rest of you, my Brothers as well. Do you know where it is we are headed to, or are you following a trail?”

GM: Skyterror plunges on ahead. “Following a path. We don’t know what these things are or where they came from, but they left a nice thick trail to wherever they went to.”
You reach the other end of the faux river of dirt and rocks and climb up to edge. As Skyterror’s head pops up over the edge of the embankment he comes to a stop. When you’re high enough to see over it you come to a stop too. Ahead of you is a pig faced man sitting on a boar staring at your group.

“Turrrn arrround and grow back! This does nrot concerrn you!” He points and holds up his axe. “Continuer and you rill die. Firrrst and rast warrrning!”

Before you can say anything he rides off to the left, continuing down the edge of the river of rock and dirt.

Tok: Can I surmise if we are headed toward the big tower thing that Ekka and I were at? Wait and see what the others think. I would like to see if I can contact a local spirit for help, but will wait until a good time to try this.

GM: “You’ll rot in hell!” Nightterror yells out. He lunges forward, followed by Whistlereed and Subwanna. They loose their spears at the quickly receding figure. One spear bounces off the hide armor but the other two plunge deep into his back. The pig man falls to the ground showing no movement.

The boar he was riding immediately comes to a stop and begins to scratch the ground, looking for food.

You know you’re not heading toward the tower. That would be ‘somewhere’ south of you. But growing in a community that valued staying close to home, and having taken many days of travel, you’re not too good at determining exactly where to the south of you (southeast? southwest? etc?).

Tok: We need to be sure the Pigman isn’t gonna get up, and I’m guessing my “warrior” brethren will race over there to make quick work of him. If not I’ll dispatch him. If no one else is going to the boar, I’d like to carefully approach him. He stopped like a well trained horse, it’s also the nature of a horse to return to the barn when off-duty. This could be useful…plus (what’s Jeff’s standard RPG line?) “I wanna ride ’im!”

GM: Your band of brothers race over to the pigman and make him dead if he wasn’t already.

You get to the boar before anyone can make dinner out of him.

Roll 1d20 against your charisma to see if he’s partial to you.

Tok: rolls

GM: The boar, which is much larger than the average boar, sees you approaching and saunters up to you, sniffing the air to see if you’re carrying food. You notice that its eyes glow red.

Tok: I think I have a bit of food left in my pack. I’ll offer it a handful, perhaps it likes stinky cheese? The eyes are interesting, do I notice anything else odd about this beast?

GM: It’s beginning to get dark.

The boar takes the cheese from your hand and eats it up. It’s not overly enthusiastic about it, but it’s food and it wants food.

Behind you you hear a fight break out between your comrades.

Tok: Am I able to pat the boar a bit while feeding it, establish a bit of connection there? Does it have some kind of saddle on it, perhaps a rein I can grab hold of, or any gear I can score? Will listen to my comrades while doing this. don’t want to lose the boar to their distraction.

GM: Roll another Wisdom check to see if it lets you pet it. Add +2 to the roll for your holding the cheese.

It has no saddle but it has a rein you can try to grab. If you succeed in the above check, roll a Dex check to see if you grab it. If you fail the above check, roll and subtract 5 for an it’s attempt to evade your hand.

Listening to your comrades it seems that while searching the body of the pigman one man named Toejam found a water skin and started downing the water without sharing it and another named Briarthistle confronted him. You can hear them scampering, grunting, and the occasional fist landing on flesh.

Tok: Okee Doke. I made the Wisdom check with an adjusted 5! I rolled a 10 for the Dexterity check which was close but still good =)

So it’s getting dark. Does the boar seem like it might be in the mood to relax and rest? I’m thinking if everyone is ready to rest up for the night I could go off by myself a ways (Mr. Bristles and I, hey that’s a good name for a boar, if it’s a he…) and I could try to contact the local spirits to see about creating more water for the group, and see about getting any guidance on our quest, about the boar, etc. this is what’s on my mind.

GM: The boar is indeed a boy. It lets you pet it without resistance as it greedily gobbles up the cheese. The boar shows no indicator of wanting to relax or not.

Tok: Can I tell if the others are prepared to rest for the night, or are they still acting like animals? Does it look like Mr. Bristles and I could step off on our own for a bit so I can do a quick spirit commune? If so we’ll do that and I’ll see if sitting down and calming myself, still with the rein in hand, will coax him into relaxing.

GM: A young man named Oakleaf yells out to another “Shindugger, you want some grub?” as he holds out a largish grub in left hand. His right hand is heavily bandaged. The others are indeed looking like they’re preparing to settle down. They’ve already divided up the goodies taken from the pigman, but they are obviously agitated.

The land around you is slightly rolling hills, but dirt dry with no vegetation. You wander off a ways holding the rein to the boar and seek out privacy. Privacy is probably a good idea, you know. It’s commonly believed in the village that Nightterror is to be the next successor of the village Shaman. He believes it wholeheartedly himself and has built his reputation on it. He’s always had a band of young followers, some of which are in this group: Subwanna, Whistlereed, an Firenight. If he were to find out you had Shamanic powers, he would probably become unpleasant.

You find a place within the ‘river’ and around a bend so that you can’t be seen unless someone is seeking you out, and you do your ritual using a day’s worth of food. You sadly note that after tonight you’ll only have 4 days of food left.

You hold on to the reins as you perform your ritual. It might be your imagination, it might not, but Mr. Bristles seems to snort along with your humming. After some time you notice a dim shimmering in front of you. Slowly, very slowly, a figure begins to coalesce. It never becomes a definable figure, but remains a thin apparition. Male or female is unknown. You begin to notice that what you thought was the wind is actually its voice. Listening intently you make out the words “Why have you called me?”

Also, you know instinctively that this spirit possesses the following spells:
Detect Poison



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