Tok of the Tribe


Tok: Ok. It seems as if we’re on a hopeless mission with only vague guidelines which we will probably all die from. Guidance or any kind of insight would be nice. To the spirit I will say, “Thank you for coming to me spirit. My brethren and I are on a desperate mission to save others of our tribe who have been taken by pgmen after they killed most of our families. We are strangers in this place and I seek whatever help and wisdom you may be able to provide.” After hearing what the spirit has to say, I think I’ll ask for the portent spell so that perhaps I can gain some idea what to do, where we’re going, whatever…

GM: “The changes in this land have left me weak,” the figure whispers. “You have crossed the remnants of the river and are now in the land of the ‘pig men’. They have taken your tribe people to their village a days travel to the northwest, to the mountains at the edge of the world. From there, I fear that they may pass beyond this world, as others have done.”

If you want the spell cast now, s/he will do so. S/he can also cast a second spell – If you want the spell placed on an item, s/he will do so.

Tok: Since I can only carry one saved spell at a time, I think I’m probably better off with the Sanctuary spell I’ve been carrying around in my warclub. I will say to the spirit, “I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Is there anything I can do to help you? Do you know if these (show it the skystone, and firestone cards) may help us against the pigmen?” If it has the strength, I would like it to cast the spell now.

GM: “It is kind of you to offer assistance. Any water that you may have would be appreciated beyond measure, though your own life may also depend upon any water you may have.”
He pauses.
“Those serdin floggin were used by your fathers to open doors. The pig men have used such floggin to enter and leave this world. Whether the floggin will help you, I do not know.”
It shimmers and wavers for a moment. Then it speaks, it’s wispy voice sounding sad. “On your 12th strike, a slight misfortune will occur.”

Tok: “Spirit, Could we perform the Dampen spell here, upon you to help you?”

GM: “Alas that will only drain the water from me and then return it to me.”

Tok: “I wonder if you and I have a common goal, if we can stop the pigmen, will you regain your strength?”

GM: The figure shimmers slightly. “No, the water stopped long before the pigmen came. My brothers and sisters all dead. Only I am left to wander this region, dispersed thinly among it all. My cousins of earth and air keep me company, but my siblings I have long lost.”

It remains silent for a moment.

“If you were to awaken the overseers of old, perhaps they could return the rain and the rivers. Only one needs to be awakened.” The figure shimmers. "Behind the lair of the pigmen is an entrance to the mountains. To the northwest of here. Enter it and call upon me. I can guide you to the sleeping overseers. If that is in your heart. Otherwise, I have grown accustom to my existence.

Tok: “Spirit, I want to do this thing, and if I survive the quest to rescue my kindred, I shall go to this place and call on you to guide me. I wish you well, thank you.”

GM: As you return to ‘reality’ from your sojurn to the spirit realm, you notice that it has become dark.
Very dark.
Looking up you notice that to the south the sky is normal. However, directly above you the sky is black. There isn’t a single star to be seen in the sky.

Finding your way back in such darkness will prove difficult. Roll a d20 against your int, subtracting 2 from the roll.

Tok: ‘rolled a 9 minus 2 for an adjusted roll of: 7. There’s something over me, isn’t there?

GM: Yes indeed there is. Though you can’t tell what. All you know is that its blocking out the sky in all directions except the south – where you journeyed from.

To: The spirit spoke of others being taken away, perhaps this…thing is going to take away our people? Hopefully the Pigmen will be distracted and busy and we can do something. I’ll look to Mr. Bristles and pat him reassuringly, rein in hand and ask if he is ready to take me to rescue my kindred. Whether he is or not, it’s time we go. I’ll do my best to mount up and head in the direction the spirit told me they are. As we leave I’ll call out to the others “They’re to the (whatever direction the spirit said)!” and go!



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