Tok of the Tribe

Get Along Little Doggie

GM: Please roll 1d20 against your dex

Tok: I made it exactly! ’Gonna ride that pig!

GM: Give me one more roll – this time against your con

Tok: 3! I super make it =)

GM: You climb the back of the magnificent beast with no problem and it happily takes you on. Visibility is down to zero as you ride off in the direction you think is correct and you ride off into the night. Hours of boredom pass by and the beast never wavers. The fatigue that should be growing on you never does. There’ll probably be hell to pay for it tomorrow, you note to yourself. After what seems like an eternity the sky begins to lighten a little with the coming daylight. Though you can see the sky beginning to turn blue, still there are no stars to be seen. Just the dim but growing blueness of the sky.

As the daylight grows you’re able to see things. You note, with some awe, that about a mile to your right is the mountains. Never having seen mountains close up before, their majesty overwhelms you. Your beast of burden continues along a route that, based on the location of the mountains, is to the west. Because of the speed and confidence the boar shows, you believe that your earlier guess about it knowing its own way home is probably correct. This seems to be confirmed when you begin to make out a large and confusing structure straight ahead of you but at the limits of your being able to determine any definite shapes.

What do you want to do?



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