Tok of the Tribe

House on the hill

GM: Shortly after beginning your journey, you reach a river and managed to find a ford across it.  You continue your trek, making great speed knowing your destination and heading straight for it.  For most of the journey the giant 'spear-like' object that reaches to the heavens looms on your left.

After half a day's march you are near the edge of a second river.  Across the rolling plains, about 1/2 mile to your left, you can see an odd looking circular hut like the one attached.  It shines white in the slowly fading sunlight.

Tok: Something to check out later. We have no choice and must get the medicine to Strongleaf. We’ll try to fix this in our minds for later and on we go! We’ll stop to rest only when it gets too dark to continue, with the plan of continuing as soon as there’s enough light.

GM: After 45 minutes of searching you find a place where the river narrows and are able to get across unscathed. After a short time you come to a second river and easily find a ford across it. The darkness reaches its deepest and you can make out the dim shape of a forest looming ahead of you. You decide to set up camp before reaching it.

You have 6 hours until daylight. What’s the watch schedule?

Tok: I’ll take first watch. I will focus intently on all the sounds and scents around me, communing with all that is. That’ll keep me up -shaman style! Whiteflower can have the last watch so I can get some shuteye before we trek off in the morning gloaming.



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