Tok of the Tribe

Move 1

GM: On the map your village is on the bottom left at the tent icon.  You followed the squiggly line to a small forest, to the mountains (or near it), across a couple rivers, to a round thingy going to the sky, and then to a small forest.

In the forest you met "foot people" – people about a foot tall.  One of them took your pet plant, slaughtered it, and turned it into medicine to reverse the effects of its poison on your brother.

The medicine man, named Gar (because I can't find my notes), tells you to quickly return home and administer the medicine.  Based on the timing, you know that if you hurry, you will arrive home at the last possible day you can before he succumbs to death.  What would you like to do?
 Tok: Let's waste no time! Whiteflower and I will grab up all of our gear, and the healing potion. I'll ask if the quickest way back to our village would be…and I'll draw a quick map on the ground and see if the Healer has anything helpful to say. Then we'll take off!
 GM: "The quickest path is always a straight line", he says.  

A couple old and shriveled women bring you and your sister each a small satchel of bread and a thick, smelly white cheese – enough for a two day's journey.
 Tok: We'll thank them very graciously for the food and their friendship…and hit the road!
 GM: One of the footmen guides you back to the edge of the woods.  There he parts.  In front of you lie a large field of yellow flowers swaying in the breeze.  Beyond them knee high green grass covers the landscape for miles on end.  Mountains are to your right and far to the left you can see another range of mountains.  Your home lies straight ahead.  Which way do you go?
Tok: Let's head straight, presuming that's the shortest path.  We'll keep a wary eye on the swaying grasses for anythign disrupting that sway, like a stealthy predator! Off we go at a hasty pace! 



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