Tok of the Tribe

The Camp

Tok: As far as I know pigs don’t have great eyesight, and I’m on a boar, wearing pants stolen from a Pigman, so hopefully I won’t draw a lot of attention my way. We’ll continue closer, paying close attention to any signs of…anything. Gotta form a plan here. Let’s see what there is to see.

GM: You continue closer.

The mountains on your right loom up nearly straight out of the ground with very little elevation between the ground and the side of the mountain.

The sky grows brighter as you journey on.

Eventually, ahead of you, from out of the mountain juts an odd object. You’ve seen a “metal” piece before – the chief elder had a small one. The object coming out of the mountain looks like that – shiny and “metal” colored. From the distance you’re at (which is still pretty far), you guess that it’s a good half mile long. Then it turns into a structure of what appears to be wood. You’ve seen small walls before – keeping chickens in a specific location, and often around the farm area to keep antelope and other nibbling creatures out. This part of the structure looks like that, but taller.

In front of the wooden part of the structure you can discern a pigman who appears to be moving to the left slowly. To the left of the entire structure and far, far, far off in the distance, you can see some sort of small ‘disturbance’ happening – a disturbance in your sight…as if something was moving, or shimmering, but way too far off to make anything out.

Tok: How is Mr. Bristles behaving? Is he still ok to follow my lead, does he seem anxious or like he wants to go anywhere in particular? If I look back the way we came can I discern my brethren or did we leave them far behind?

I’m guessing my people might be behind the wooden fence, as it seems we may be livestock to the Pigmen.

I’m wondering if it would be good to give Mr. Bristles a breather while I try to contact a Mountain Spirit for guidance. Perhaps I could get a close up vision of what’s happening at the “disturbance”, where our Sisters are being kept, useful ideas or spells? I’m also thinking that if my idea about Pigmen vision vs. smell is correct, a night time venture might be more effective. Yes, I’ll sit down, still holding the rein, and try to commune with a Mountain Spirit to discuss these ideas.

GM: Mr. Bristles is content, as if he’s done this route countless times. He is heading toward the structure.

You’re not exactly certain where you came from, but judging by the location of the mountains, you guess it’s to your left. How or when you got rearranged going this direction you’re not sure. Looking both back and to the left, you see nothing.

You rein in Mr. Bristles, sit, and make an offering. After laying out the food you notice that you have 3 days of food left and are extremely hungry since you hadn’t eated all night. You did drink water during the night and are now down to nothing but the tiniest sip.

You meditate, plead an audience, etc. Eventually the same strange shimmering appears and you assume the same spirit. “Hello child of man”, it says to you.

You ask for a vision of the disturbance. An eagle-eye view takes over your sight. You swoop from above your current position and speed over the sand and rocks past the structure and onward. The ‘disturbance’ comes closer and becomes clearer and soon you see five pigmen on their boars leading a group of 15 young women. The women are all tied by rope at the ankles and shuffling – being pushed and prodded by the pigmen. The women look filthy and scared. Some collapse as they are being pushed and prodded. You recognize none of the women.

As a stretchy piece of gut being pulled to its limit, you zoom backwards to your original position with great speed and ‘snap’ back into your body.

“And such a sight I have seen numerous times as of late,” the spirit says.

You ask about where your sisters are being kept. “Which group of women are your sisters I do not know. All the women are taken to the camp and inspected. Some are killed, some are used as servants, and others are taken away from this world. What has befallen your sisters I do not know.”

Tok: “All of these people need to be rescued, it is not only for my own tribeswomen that I am here to help. It seems that the best way to do this would be to send the Pigmen back where they came from, or make it so they cannot come here anymore. Spirit, can you show me the camp where their prisoners are kept, and the where they leave this world?”

<it> notion about the Pigmen I have, and will want to attack at night. Will try to doze a bit to be better prepared when the time comes for action.

GM: Go ahead and roll a 1d10 to see how long you doze, and also give me a roll against your con.

Tok: 1d10 = 2
1d20 = 17 whoops!

GM: Within a couple hours with a shock to the distant sound of yells, snorts, and screams. You look around quickly. Behind you Mr. Bristles is sleeping with a prairie dog on his head. Both of their mouths are covered in slimy cheese. Your pack is open and the contents are strewn about.

The disturbance that was in the distance is no longer there.

The screams, shouts, and snorts come from the camp. The guard on patrol is running to the left, toward the front of the camp.

It is perhaps an hour or two after midday.

What would you like to do?



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