Tok of the Tribe

The Shaman

GM: You follow a mile long well worn path to the river. The point of the river you arrive at is the junction of two small rivers. There is a rope bridge going across the nearest of the joining rivers to the triangular patch of land in between. There is where your village has most of their farmland, which is mostly grains and tubers. Living a peaceful existence until now, your village had no need to protect the farms and felt that having the village between the farmland and the hunting land was ideal. Across the bridge and in the middle of the farmland there is a small thatch hut to act as cover from the rains, and there is a circular area of stone in the middle of the farmsland that the village Elder would use for ceremonies at the beginning and end of the harvest season.

You see nobody, either at the river’s edge or across the river on the farmland.

Tok: Is this the same structure Whiteflower and I saw on our trek?
I’ll examine the land around me for any fresh tracks. If I can’t find anything useful, and if I can’t remember where there might be a good flint deposit, I’ll head downriver looking for them. I will also keep an eye out for small stones that would work with my gourd rattle project and collect them.

I’ll collect a handful of small stones and tuck them away in my pouch with the gourd. The signs I see, do they lead off in the direction of the strange hut we saw?

GM: You can tell that there were more than 5, and less than 20 people here recently. There are fresh tracks upon the shore and recently chipped stones. You see no signs of a fight or a scuffle.

To get here you came northwest of the village. The strange hut you saw was a 12 hour journey to the west, and ever so slightly south. These tracks head west.

Tok: We could use some insight. I’ve got what I need to make my rattle, so I’m going to do that. Carefully chip out a very small hole and insert enough small stones to get a good sound, and then plug it up with clay. I’ll sit comfortably with my warclub in my lap in easy reach, and begin shaking it softly while I relax and try to contact the spirit fish to ask for guidance to help save/rescue my people from these pigmen, and help for Whiteflower with our brother. Fingers crossed. Shaka shaka shaka…

GM: It will take a day’s food for an offering.

You sit shaking, concentrating, and seeking an audience for 10 minutes. With each passing moment you feel more in tune with your surroundings and the flowing river. A large splash comes from the river and a shining blue lady springs forth from it into the air. Her entire being is a translucent blue, her long dress flowing around her in waves. She glides down to where you kneel and hovers a few feet in front you.

A soft trickling voice comes from her. “Hail, son of Adam. My father has told us you may call. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Instantaneously you become aware of many things:
1) You may attempt to summon a spirit as often as you wish per day, but your chances of summoning decline with each attempt.
2) You may commune with spirits for information that is within their ‘realm’ of knowledge, and/or you may make requests of them to perform spells. The more minor a spirit (aka low level), the smaller their ‘realm’ and therefore the less knowledge they may have.
3) Different spirits live in different places. Each spirit has a random selection of up to four spells related to their element they may perform.
4) Each day two spells may be performed through rituals OR you may once per day request a spirit to place a spell upon an object that you can then use to instantaneously cast the spell at a later time. To clarify: two spells through summonings or 1 spell attached to an object.
5) This spirit is capable of performing the spells listed out in the attached document.

You tell her what information you’re wishing for.

“The creatures you describe went north this morning, riding upon their beasts, carrying the girls from your village. As to the men you now search for, " Your vision is suddenly replaced by a watery vision – you’re 30 feet above the ground flying toward a small group of 16 boys and men crudely armed, hurriedly following tracks upon the ground. Your vision returns to normal. “They have left this river after arming themselves. They traveled west to find the path of those who raided your village. They have found the tracks and are now following the creatures north. Regarding your brother – with medicine and care he should return to health.”

She shimmers and waits.

Tok: “Dear Spirit, thank you for this information. My people are in great need, and your aid will help me to bring them to safety, thank you. Although I would avoid battle if possible, I fear conflict may well be unavoidable. I humbly ask you now if you may place the spell of Sanctuary upon this club that it may help me in my cause. Thank you.”

GM: “It is done.”

With that she changes to pure water, falls to the ground with a splash, and is absorbed by the ground.

Tok: Far out. Well, thanks to the spirit I know which way my people headed off so I’ll follow after them, listening carefully all the while.



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